Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Forgive You I Forgive Me

My journey as a human, a lover, a maker of mistakes, a forgiver, and a searcher, has taught me so much. After recently experiencing some significant life shifts and much self reflection, I have come to this.
To my detractors, the judgers, the doubters, the ones whom could not look me in the eye, and love me when I needed you, I forgive you. I forgive you for not understanding, not having the time, having too many doubts, or being too constricted by your beliefs of how things should be, to stand with me where I was. I forgive the absence of phone calls, invitations, and your reluctance to offer a shoulder or an attentive ear. I forgive you because I am you, I have been there, I have failed to be present when I was needed. I hope I have learned more acceptance, more patience, and how to better hold space for those that I love.
To those who have held my hand, thank you. Thank you for not questioning, not needing answers, for letting me be. Thank you for wiping my tears and helping me breathe through the rough stuff. Thank you for not burying me with shoulds, and worrying me with questions. You gave me what I needed most. Unconditional love and room to make transformations. I hope to use you as examples of what to aspire to. Thank you.
Most importantly, I am learning to be me, my most authentic self. That is when my life is filled with more love and more joy. I owe it to myself to respect and treasure my own being, to forgive and love myself, to fill my own cup, and only then will I have abundance of love, grace and forgiveness for those around me.

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  1. So true because the only person who is getting hurt by this negative emotion is ourself. Regards, Naomi Dreams