Thursday, October 24, 2013

Birthday Thank You's

I love my birthday.
Nobody has to remember it, I don't have to have a party, or get gifts, I have just always loved my birthday. Somehow I feel special on that day, a day just for me. I should hope everybody feels this way on the day that marks their entrance to this strange and wonderful life.

Birthdays are wonderful time to take stock of your life. To reflect on where you have been and where you need to go. This year I reflect on my many experiences good and bad, and how they contributed to who I am and how I feel about myself today. And I am happy to say, in the big picture I am as happy and fulfilled as I could wish to be. Not content by any stretch, to stagnate, but thrilled with life, its unpredictability, fullness, and ability to teach me new things all the time. I am delighted I have learned to roll with the punches as they say, and embrace life as it comes. This is not something that I have always been good at but have only begun to perfect in recent years. I also reflect on the people who have helped to form me. And the person I am, the person I love (most of the time) has so many people to thank.

My mother, for teaching me through example, empathy, tenderheartedness, and an appreciation for art and beauty. She also taught me graceful acceptance of what is, and an ability to love humanity however flawed it may be.

My siblings, for allowing me to learn to be a caregiver, to love and care them when they needed me. For letting me prove I am capable and compassionate. And in return, for caring for me, when I needed them.

My husband, who has been both friend and lover, and stood by me through many changes, that has not always been easy. He has been a safe haven during my many transformations, sometimes my whipping boy and always my anchor.

My children, for giving me back my sense of childish wonder, of bugs, and flowers, and the stars, and moon, and whether chocolate milk comes from brown cows or not. And for reminding me always what is really important, with their simple and sometimes brutal honesty.

My Love family (commune) friends, who are really nothing short of family. Whom I have bonded with through our shared experiences good and bad, and who are always there when they are needed. They understand me in ways I don't have the words for.

Also Love Family Community as a whole, who taught me to embrace differences, to love easily, and wholeheartedly, to question the status quo, and challenge the norm. Who instilled in me a strong belief in the unity of humanity through our need to give and receive love. Who taught me to live with an open mind and and open heart. 

My new friends I have made over the past year, who accepted me for who I really am, unquestioningly and with open arms. Who have helped me discover parts of myself I never knew were there. They have given me a renewed sense of community, inspired my growth in new and exciting ways, and challenged me to think more critically, reflect more deeply,  and love more fully. 

There is a long list of people I could thank individually, who have helped me along the way, but for today, I would just like to thank all of you who have crossed my path, whether it was briefly or whether we walked together a spell, for making my life a beautiful  and inspiring thing. I love and cherish you all, Thank you.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thinking About Love

Thinking about love
I watched Broke Back Mountain for the second time yesterday and cried my eyes out. Such a beautiful and tragic love story.  It got me thinking about the real love stories that are still happening today and how sad it is that there are some people who risk losing family and friends…just to love. It makes no sense to me. Any time we can love and care for another is precious, it should be respected and held up as example, not disregarded and trampled.
I know we have come a long way, but we have long road still ahead. I will always be on the side of love, in all of its forms.


Does it have boundaries? Does it not exist where society says it shouldn’t? Is it not love when a man feels he is finally at home wrapped in another mans arms? Or when a woman’s tender touch makes her girlfriend tremble? When someone chooses to love many, or just one, is it our place to say nay? Does love see color or creed? Should someone’s fear and ignorance have the power to keep lovers souls apart? Does it even have that power?

I think not. I think love is boundless, it goes on for eternity, emanating from us in waves. It is not exclusionary, or explainable, it doesn't answer to fear and ignorance. When it is stifled or ignored it will only leave a deep and lonely emptiness.

Love is embracing, accepting, eternal, going on far beyond our individual selves. I choose to promote love, in all of its miraculous forms. To see love, happiness, joy, and fulfillment, that is one of life’s truest gifts. I say yes to love!