Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Divine Within

I have been deeply moved by words, by music, by dance, and by other forms of art. I know that the really good stuff comes from someone who was willing, who was brave enough to lay bare their soul, to become vulnerable. At these times they are able to tap their divinity.  
I believe there is a part of all of us, at the very core of every human being that possesses wisdom, compassion, a sense of universal connectedness, or divinity, that is beyond comprehension. It’s beyond conscious thought. The brief glimpses we are given, at birth, death, in dreams, and in those rare and deeply profound moments we feel and see more deeply than we allow ourselves on a daily basis, those are our divine moments.
I know I am capable of so much empathy, compassion, wisdom and love, more than my fragile psyche can allow on daily basis. I feel the more life challenges me, the more I am forced to reckon with, the more this becomes true. I feel like it’s a “becoming.”Like I am always becoming something more, something better than before.
This “becoming” has no agenda, it can’t be taught, it can’t even be learned. It just is. The only thing I know is I wish to live in these “divine moments” I want to savor this “becoming.” And more than anything, I want to be given the words to express, my gratitude, to paint a picture of my path to share. I want to move and be moved.
Like a caterpillar, a lowly crawling worm at the beginning of its life, to a beautiful delicate winged being, we all have something inside of us to share, something beautiful beyond words, fragile and fleeting. Just like life itself.