Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crazy Beautiful

I have had my share of pain and hurt in life, and even when I was as down as I have ever been I thought how grateful I am for my life. I remember very clearly one day realizing this. The fact my heart was so broken and I was so hurt, meant I was alive, and if I could experience that level of grief, then I could experience the same level of joy. I turned a corner right then and there and started to heal. I have never ever forgotten that moment. When my heart hurts, or I am angry, somewhere in my consciousness I know I am capable of that equal and opposite emotion and it carries me through.

Life is a crazy beautiful ALIVE thing.
Babies are born, people die, there are huge triumphs over struggles and terrible tragedies. Hearts break, or are filled to bursting. We cry and mourn, and laugh till our sides ache. We feel pain and bleed, and also enjoy pleasure. We hunger and thirst, and seek love and comfort. We rage, and love and hope and hurt. We work and sweat and sing and dance. All of us.  If you take away race, gender, age, and religion we are all the same. We are human.

Life can be cruel and difficult but it is always a crazy beautiful ALIVE thing.