Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Fearful Friend

I have made friends with my fear, I know it has purpose. I know it enough to find out what it is trying to tell me. I  know it enough to tell it when to back off. It shows me what I need to know, sometimes laying bare all the dark shadows of my insecurities. It shows me how to be brave, and does not make me lose my way in dark. My fear points me in the right direction, and does not misguide me with doubts.
I have made friends with my grief; I also know it has purpose. I weep and still see that there will be joy. I feel loss and know it is also growth. I am not alone, but know I am tiny part of something greater than me.

Some days fear and grief are my only companions and on those days I know I have denied them too long. I know it is time to listen and be still, to hear what message they have for me to take the next step on my ever winding path. Change is welcome constant, something I have learned to accept, to dissect, to take what I need from, to build a better version of myself.

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